CNC Turning Centers

advantages of cnc centers

CNC is known as the computer numerical control and is used with different types of machine tools while turning is the method through which a cutting tool with a single point is made parallel to the surface. In the turning process, a part of material, which can be plastic, metal, wood or stone is made to rotate and the cutting tool traverses to create accurate depths and diameters. The process of turning can be done on the inside as well as on the outside of the cylinder. This type of process is ideally conducted on a lathe, which is regarded as the oldest machine tool and can be categorized under four different areas that include taper turning, straight turning, external grooving or profiling. These various turning processes can create different shapes such as conical, straight, curved or grooved. In case of large productions and complicated shapes, CNC turning is the preferred option.

…in case of large productions and complicated shapes, CNC turning is the preferred option.

There are many advantages attached to CNC turning centers that makes them the preferred choice for large productions. Ideally CNC turning helps in offering an intuitive and easy to understand interface and thereby allowing both simple as well as complex operations to be executed conveniently and quickly on CNC turning machines.

Some of the other benefits associated with CNC turning centers include:

  • CNC turning machines are equipped with excellent memory an capability, which means it allows superior repeatability.
  • More precision-based dimensional tolerances are possible even within stringent parameters set by statistical process.
  • In a single chucking it is possible for a CNC turning center to finish ID turning, taper turning, OD turning and grooving.
  • CNC turning machines are not only able to provide enhanced straightness, accuracy and concentricity, as it also helps in minimizing the setup and the cycle time as well.
  • It is possible to perform high accuracy based threading operations that allows concentricity with other part features too.
  • There is a cost related benefit too with CNC turning machines because even the most complex operations can be performed on a single CNC turning center, which is not the case with other machines such as grinding machines.
  • Another major advantage of CNC turning center is that shelf inserts can also be used for this kind of operation.
  • The faster cycle time along with low equipment costs are the major benefits of CNC turning centers and this is why for large production it is the ideal alternative.

These are just some of the reasons on why CNC turning centers are more widely accepted and used. Though cost is a major benefit, other advantages cannot be ignored too. In this line of work precision is extremely important and CNC turning machines do yield results that are completely precision based and accurate. Also, it saves a lot of time because of its superior readability factor and as well as the time duration taken for the complete process to finish is also extremely short. This is why CNC turning centers are the preferred machine for many of the applications.


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